Cloud Cards home page
Home page with product introduction, teaser Flash animation, table and contact form (below the fold)
Cloud Cards NBC Universal design
The NBC Universal holiday card design with animated snow playing off the peacock feathers.

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Cloud Cards Website

The Cloud Cards website served as both the outpost to promote the company's services, as well as the means of providing them. From a branding standpoint the site became the canvas on which many key equities were fleshed out. The use of color, graphics, typography and overall voice were all established to drive home the youthful fun personality of the the brand.

Substantively, the purpose of the product is to offer traditional style greetings in an online environment. Complete with written messages, and choices of envelope, postage stamp and even penmanship, the animated greetings aim to create a personalized, greener, and more efficient alternative to paper cards.

Leveraging modular Flash components and the inherently modular Drupal CMS we were able to establish content types to speak to each of these customizations. Thus allowing users to make selections and generate highly original and unique greetings.