Shop For Public Schools Training Sheets
Training sheets for Shop week were provided to merchants to make employees aware of the initiative, and provide background information.
Shop For Public Schools Postcard
The Shop week postcards are used by merchants to hand out to customers in promotion of the event.

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Shop for Public Schools Collateral

The Shop for Public Schools collateral added posters, postcards and training sheets to the larger branding campaign in support of of the week long initiative. These communication empowered participating city merchants to create awareness among their staff and customers about the store's role supporting the Fund for Public Schools and library improvements.

The design created a relationship with the event's outdoor marketing communications by building on it's brand equities including illustration and typography.

Beyond their compelling illustration, print, and web design abilities, Gavula Design provides deep strategic insight into the communications challenges we face. They've always gone the extra mile to get a 360° understanding of the issues we face, effectively developing design and communications architecture solutions that address our organization’s goals. Year after year, we continue to work with Gavula Design on our most critical and complex programs.