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For the uninitiated, last month I produced an unofficial design exploration in an effort to rebrand the Drupal Association’s membership badges. I want to thank those of you who offered feedback and voted in my poll.  It turns out while I was working on my exploration another effort was underway to address Drupal’s subbrands. As of this post, their pairing of the official wordmark with Helvetica Neue Light can be seen gracing the pages of the Drupal Association’s site, among others. That said, it was obvious that I should recook my exploration to leverage the wordmark as well as Helvetica Neue... More
UPDATE: Take a look at Part 2 of this post where we make some revisions and incorporte the wordmark into our exploration. The other month I finally got off my can and became an individual member of the Drupal Association. I’ve been using the CMS increasingly since ’07 and the Chicago registration process reminded me that I should chip in. Beyond the sense of goodwill one feels from giving some money back to the community, Association members are provided a selection of seals they can place on their site promoting their contribution. Unfortunately they are ugly. Drupal has a branding problem.... More
When an organization or initiative is born, one has to look at the competitive landscape and attempt to define a new brand. This is exciting, challenging, and often much easier than attempting to renovate an old brand. New brands are new construction, and they are free from the burden of legacy. With existing companies, you are looking at a more delicate process. Perhaps some thought was given to their logo many years ago when they were starting up. For many small businesses, it is an afterthought as they focus on other priorities. Leaving the company’s image in the hands of their niece/... More
During a recent conversation, a friend of mine in the business said that a particular company would not make an interesting client. It was a statement that stayed in my mind long after we spoke, as I had almost the opposite reaction. I don’t think what I observed in the company was any different than what my friend saw. Which is to say, they were a small business that was relatively unknown. Though they had been in operation for some time, their branding was unprofessional and belied their experience. That said, the difference was clearly in how we interpreted the aforementioned. After some... More
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