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CUFP Website

The Commercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP) website serves as the central resource for function programmers who are engaging popular languages like Haskell, F# and OCaml in real-world settings.  While showcasing relevant news posts, and videos it works to build an online community that invites users to develop profiles, contribute comments, and submit job opportunities.

Additionally the site serves the community by providing information for their annual conference.  This includes date and location specifics as well as a schedule and session by session abstracts enabled for comments to promote pre and post event suggestions and feedback.

The site was built with the Drupal CMS to handle user management, roles/permissions, and the ability to add, edit and remove content.  Admin features include Markdown and GeShi content editing as well as inline tabs to accommodate routine maintenance actions.

We're honored to have had the website selected for a 2010 American Graphic Design Award in the interactive category by Graphic Design USA.