Gallus Brand Engine Identity
A typographic solution appealing to the minimalist, Swiss aesthetic of Gallus
Gallus Brand Engine Identity Concept
Alternate logo concepts explored iconography visualizing press rollers and sheets to speak to speed and productivity.

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Gallus Brand Engine Identity

Drawing from the Swiss design aesthetic, we produced a new identity for Gallus' revolutionary, all-in-one industrial press, The Brand Engine. Our final typographic solution distills many earlier graphic concepts to their purest essence. Beginning with the Swiss typeface, Helvetica, the word-mark is adapted with a curvilinear quality evocative of press rollers and the potion of paper along the machine's numerous stations.

This project was completed while contracting with ABI marketing public relations

John Gavula and his team are by far one of the best design shops I have had the pleasure to work with. They have the unique ability to ignite a brand's identity and then seamlessly implement that vision across the entire spectrum of visual communication (print collateral, advertising, web). I would recommend Gavula Design to anyone who wants best-in-class design quality that is on par with any large agency, coupled with the hands-on attentiveness of a boutique shop.