PRS OOHCS Trifold Cover and Interior
Trifold cover and partially opened interior spread.
PRS OOHCS Trifold Cover detail
Detail of the trifold cover illustration wrapping around to the back panel.

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Perception Research Services OOHCS Tri-Fold

PRS introduced a new usage for their retail eye-tracking technology, by expanding it to realm of outdoor communications. This cost-effective tri-fold pamphlet explains visually what the PRS technology does analytically. The introduction of the 'wireframe' illustration motif speaks to PRS' ability to see past the clutter and quantify the potential success of an outdoor advertising before millions are invested in its deployment.

This pamphlet is the first to promote the rollout of this emerging technology by PRS, and the 'wireframe' motif is now used pervasively with other PRS marketing materials to build that products brand.

John Gavula and his team are by far one of the best design shops I have had the pleasure to work with. They have the unique ability to ignite a brand's identity and then seamlessly implement that vision across the entire spectrum of visual communication (print collateral, advertising, web). I would recommend Gavula Design to anyone who wants best-in-class design quality that is on par with any large agency, coupled with the hands-on attentiveness of a boutique shop.