PRS Packaging Research Kit
PRS Packaging Research kit seen is consumer packaging research tool.
PRS Packaging Research Kit Sketch
The original sketches generated early in the design process to develop a structural and graphical concept.

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PRS Packaging Research Collateral Kit

The Packaging Research Collateral Kit is a co-branding consumer packaging reference tool produced for one of the world largest consumer packaging companies by Perception Research Services.

It was designed to be an impressive, scalable, resource that embodied packaging through it's structural concept. The kit consists of three component including the slip case, binder and interior content. Our graphics centered around a wire-frame lineup of packages to illustrate the kit's look inside the world of packaging research and information. The color blue was used to represent that interior info as well as to unite the PRS and Unilever brands.

In terms of production, the case is built from e flute corrugated board mounted and laminated on both sides. It opens like a clam shell with a velcro closure. The interior 3 ring binder is also mounted on both sides with process printing and turned corners. All housing a series of custom tabs to organize the letter sized inserts.

We're honored to have had the kit selected for a 2010 American Graphic Design Award in the collateral category by Graphic Design USA.

John Gavula and his team are by far one of the best design shops I have had the pleasure to work with. They have the unique ability to ignite a brand's identity and then seamlessly implement that vision across the entire spectrum of visual communication (print collateral, advertising, web). I would recommend Gavula Design to anyone who wants best-in-class design quality that is on par with any large agency, coupled with the hands-on attentiveness of a boutique shop.