PS Arts Week home page branding
The PS Arts Week week site provides background information and resources while enforcing the overall brand voice and aesthetic.
PS Ars Week theater gala page branding
Here we see a page devoted to the PS Arts Week Theater gala event and featuring the red color segmentation in the typography and graphics.

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PS Arts Week Website

The PS Arts Week event website design is part of the integrated brand communication system created to promote the week long celebration of the arts in the New York City public schools. It is featured in the book Design for the Greater Good among the best cause related design, and nonprofit marketing.

Beyond their compelling illustration, print, and web design abilities, Gavula Design provides deep strategic insight into the communications challenges we face. They've always gone the extra mile to get a 360° understanding of the issues we face, effectively developing design and communications architecture solutions that address our organization’s goals. Year after year, we continue to work with Gavula Design on our most critical and complex programs.