Red Sox Scholars Identity
The final Red Sox Scholars logos identity with tassel and cap.
Red Sox Scholars Identity on Green Monster
The 2009 unveiling of the adapted Red Sox Scholars logo on the legendary Green Monster of Fenway Park.

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Red Sox Scholars Identity

As the Red Sox came under new ownership in 2002, we collaborated to brand Red Sox Scholars - a philanthropic program of the legendary baseball team.  As a part of the team's Red Sox Foundation, the Scholars initiative is devoted to providing economically disadvantaged 5th graders in Boston public school with college scholarships.

The resulting brand identity showcases franchise's existing equities with an educational twist by marrying the team's familiar baseball cap and typography with a graduation tassel.

It has been featured on shirts and baseball caps since the programs inception in 2003.  Most recently the mark was unveiled in an adapted form on the famed Green Monster to create awareness for Fenway crowds and television audiences.

John Gavula is a chameleon of brand design. I have worked with he and his associates as an in-house creative for the Boston Red Sox, as well as in similar capacities for various organizations—both large and small—for the past 10 years. No matter how recognizable (or in some cases non-existent) the brand, John's ability to capture a company's identity and adapt it in every conceivable execution is truly remarkable. But he does not do so blindly or haphazardly. Rather, it is done through thoughtful introspection, research, and constant dialogue with the client. In an industry where things are increasingly taken for granted, John and his associates leave no stone unturned and always add the necessary polish for diamonds in the rough.