S3 Thermal Imaging Final Identity
S3 Thermal Imaging identity rebrand visualizes thermal imaging through color contrast and a warm pallet while speaking in a more contemorary voice.

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S3 Thermal Imaging Identity

Identity rebrand for S3 Thermal Imaging, a business offering infrared photographic services to help identify electrical, residential, medical and veterinary issues that are invisible to the naked eye.

In what was a revolutionary rebranding effort, our logos explored the visualization of heat through color and the thermographic spectrum as well as the concept of a reveal. Our ultimate solution captured the technical nature of the service through a more contemporary icon and typography.

I have worked with Gavula Design on company logo, business card designs, and a web site for my company. The research that they put into the exploration part of all projects far exceeded my expectations as did the final deliverables. I plan on a continued relationship with Gavula Design as we expand our marketing into new areas.