Shuttle Bus Plus Identity

Identity redesign speak to speed and efficiency.

Shuttle Bus Plus Identity Responsive
Alternate logo concepts experimentd with wing, highway, racing and typographic considerations.

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Shuttle Bus Plus Identity

Shuttle Bus Plus has been one of New York's leading providers of group transportation services for over 20 years. Our logo redesign sough to to create a modern update of their existing identity. In addition to maintaining themes of speed and agility we improved legibility, an important consideration for a brand on the go.

The Shuttle Bus Plus logo includes a stacked iteration to make the brand fully responsive - adapting legibly to any orientation requirement.

I inherited a family business, along with its outdated branding and web presence. Gavula worked closely with me to understand not only my design preferences, but my vision for the business and the kind of impression I wanted to create. John was incredibly patient and met me at my level. The result is a brand new, completely refreshed brand and website that has turned heads and demonstrably improved our business. I couldn't be prouder of our new site, or luckier to have worked with Gavula.