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The Spine Center of New Jersey's site needed to speak to he organization's fusion of laboratory research as well as its clinical practice in spine neurosurgery. While this connection was already central to the brands logo, it would also play a critical role in the architecture of the site.

We were able to create a structure that served the needs of both parties separately while stressing their interconnection through content relationships. This was achieved through the use of Drupal's powerful CMS, which also allowed for easy adding, editing, removing and sorting of entries by non-technical personnel.

The site expands on the brand equities of the organization's affiliate university, UNDMJ through the use of crimson red and strong serif headers. It also introduced several textural characteristics and a library of photography taken by Paul Kopelow to visualize the staff, facilities and ambitions of The Spine Center.

The fully responsive design enables students, collaborators, patients and potential donors to engage the site from their mobile devices and tablets.