Alumni for Public Schools Identity final
The Alumni for Public Schools Identity incorporates a graduate icon to speak to giving back as a defining characteristic of the community.
Alumni for Public Schools Identity brand family
The Alumni for Public Schools Identity invokes the pallet, typography and visual style of its parent brand, The Fund for Public Schools.

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Alumni for Public Schools Identity

Alumni for Public Schools is an initiative created by The Fund for Public Schools to renovate and improve New York City's public school libraries through the donations and involvement of it graduates. It's logo needed to visualize the concept of alumni contributions at the same time it visually invoked the brand equities of its parent organization.

Our solution leveraged the color and typography of the Fund, while introducing a new graduate icon. It's arrow-like mortarboard and robe lockup were designed to speak to giving back. As such, it's presence in the logo forms a visual reveal as if to suggests that it is giving that defines the alumni community.

Additionally, the icon has become an extractable brand device used throughout other communications such as the website.

We're honored to have had the logo selected for a 2011 American Graphic Design Award in the identity category by Graphic Design USA.

Beyond their compelling illustration, print, and web design abilities, Gavula Design provides deep strategic insight into the communications challenges we face. They've always gone the extra mile to get a 360° understanding of the issues we face, effectively developing design and communications architecture solutions that address our organization’s goals. Year after year, we continue to work with Gavula Design on our most critical and complex programs.