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The home page for Ani Art Academies featuring introductory information, and a featured news item.
Ani Art Academies curriculum page
The curriculum page for Ani Art Academies lays out the 7 sections defined in Anthony Waichulis' program.

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Ani Art Academies Website

The Ani Art Academies site represented something of a brand merger. On one hand it is the new educational outlet of acclaimed artist Anthony Waichulis. On the other hand it is the charitable sibling of Ani Villas. 

As such, our foremost design challenge was to incorporate the characteristics of both brands. The resulting site design closely leverages the layout and typography of its namesake, but draws its use of color, texture and line-work from the Waichulis School. Not to mention their gorgious library of visuals.

As a resource for interested students the site includes an application and general information about the curriculum and schedule. Additionally the site is a showcase for graduates interconnecting related news articles, profiles and gallery images for each artist.

The site is both scalable and dynamic through it use of the Drupal CMS. Its maintainers can add, edit, sort and remove content while moderating comments and managing student applications via Drupal’s user system.

We're honored to have had the website selected for a 2011 American Graphic Design Award in the interactive category by Graphic Design USA.

The Ani Art Academy is a non-profit organization that provides an intensive multi-year art skills education to aspiring artists. The scope of the Ani Art Academies project required us to find a way to place a wealth of information in the hands of potential students worldwide. Mr. Gavula delivered a site to accomplish this and much, much more. His innovative contributions to functionality and aesthetic created an online interface that is beyond anything we expected.

With in depth conferences calls and screen sharing sessions, Gavula Design took great steps to understand our functionality needs, our artistic vision, and our commitment to excellence. As the site developed I could see John's thorough understanding of where we wanted, or needed, to go with our online presence. They even managed to create an aesthetic that echoed our own artistic growth over the past 12 years.

I would recommend Gavula Design a million times over. True professionals, true artists.