Ani Villas Final Logo
The Ani Villas logo speaks to art and escape with an expressive brush stroke icon revealing the "A" letter-form.
Ani Villas positive logo system
The identity system includes positive and negative versions of both the Villas and Art Academies logos segmented by color.

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Ani Villas & Art Academy Identity

Ani is growing collection of luxury villas aimed at delivering a world class vacation experiences, with the seclusion of a private estate. Each location will also act as an affiliated supporter of a nearby Àni Art Academy, offering artistic instruction to local students through the methodology of Anthony Waichulis.

Using consistent typography and color segmentation, the Ani branding successfully connects both organizations. We leveraged the unique relationship between art and escape to develop an expressive logo icon that speaks to both. The brush stroke reveals and defines the character of the "A" letter-form, as art gives special purpose to the villas, and the Ani experience.

We're honored to have had the logo selected for LogoLounge Volume 7 as well as a 2011 American Graphic Design Award in the identity category.

The Ani Art Academy is a non-profit organization that provides an intensive multi-year art skills education to aspiring artists. The scope of the Ani Art Academies project required us to find a way to place a wealth of information in the hands of potential students worldwide. Mr. Gavula delivered a site to accomplish this and much, much more. His innovative contributions to functionality and aesthetic created an online interface that is beyond anything we expected.

With in depth conferences calls and screen sharing sessions, Gavula Design took great steps to understand our functionality needs, our artistic vision, and our commitment to excellence. As the site developed I could see John's thorough understanding of where we wanted, or needed, to go with our online presence. They even managed to create an aesthetic that echoed our own artistic growth over the past 12 years.

I would recommend Gavula Design a million times over. True professionals, true artists.

John Gavula and Gavula Design are first rate and first class in every way. We received truly personalized and dedicated service and John worked tirelessly to deliver us a corporate image and website that met all of our needs. While his attention to detail is clearly reflected in the end product, his professionalism and organization skills made the process super easy and straight forward allowing us to focus on our own business activities.