S3 Thermal Imaging Home Page
S3 Thermal Imaging Home Page with interactive Flash piece allowing users to explore the difference between digital and thermal images.
S3 Thermal Imaging Website Electrical Applications Page
S3 Thermal Imaging page profiling electrical infrared services featuring resources and images filtered for relevance using Drupal's taxonomy system.

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S3 Thermal Imaging Website

The S3 Interactive brand presence is a primarily information driven website. In addition to content outlining the companies services it features an interactive Flash piece and contact. All while embodying the pallet, typography and technical voice that defines the brand.

S3 Thermal Imaging's website is built on the powerful Drupal content management system. The CMS allows for dynamic content, as well as the adding, editing and removal of articles and images.

I have worked with Gavula Design on company logo, business card designs, and a web site for my company. The research that they put into the exploration part of all projects far exceeded my expectations as did the final deliverables. I plan on a continued relationship with Gavula Design as we expand our marketing into new areas.