LogoLounge Volume 6 includes Gavula Design
LogoLounge Volume 6 includes Gavula Design

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LogoLounge Volume 6 includes Gavula Design

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - 12:00

We are honored yet again to be included in the forthcoming edition of LogoLounge from Rockport Publishing. Three of our identities were selected from over 34,000 submissions to be showcased in the volume six edition. Fascinatingly, all three identities were phase one design concepts that were not pursued, including:

  • A textural Hendrickson Photography icon stressing a stylistic emphasis on individuality and character through the use of a fingerprint
  • A Stamford Walks alternate that used shadow as a device to make fitness appeal to a broad audience
  • And a PS Arts Week skyline bouquet to speak a springtime celebration of the arts in New York City's Public Schools

These were all solutions were were passionate about. In the Case of PS Arts Week, a solution that ultimately lost out to a logo that went on to garner recognition in its own right. We take it as high praise for the dept of our design explorations that even our outtakes can be worthy of such an honor.