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Alumni for Public Schools Website

While the Alumni for Public Schools website would be developed by the team from Blackbaude, we were consulted to begin planning the site and create design templates for the home and project pages.

Like the logo, our site designs needed to build on the brand equities of the initiative's parent organization, the Fund for Public Schools. However, it was also important to develop a distinct vision so as to differentiate the two. We did this through a richer use of the Fund's pallet, and through the introduction of the flying cap header.

As always our designs were built with an eye toward production and an understanding of how they related to the site's architecture. While we were not involved in their implementation, our contribution established an aesthetic guideline as well as technical recommendations for their production.

We're honored to have had the website selected for a 2011 American Graphic Design Award in the interactive category by Graphic Design USA.

Beyond their compelling illustration, print, and web design abilities, Gavula Design provides deep strategic insight into the communications challenges we face. They've always gone the extra mile to get a 360° understanding of the issues we face, effectively developing design and communications architecture solutions that address our organization’s goals. Year after year, we continue to work with Gavula Design on our most critical and complex programs.