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I recently read a blog post about the concept of 'Progressive Reduction' I found presumptuous and unnecessary. Essentially the concept is to minimize the interface of your site dynamically as users become more and more proficient. The example given on the site (above) is that of a submit button which features a checkmark with a text label. In time if a user demonstrated familiarity with this element the text is omitted leaving only the check mark within the button. Then finally only a checkmark alone. Call me cynical, but I think this is just UX guys showing off. To make my point I... More
The whole can sometimes be less than the sum of its parts.  This happens most often when those parts don’t fit together properly.  Which occurs when a project’s objective is not to be good, but rather to accommodate some trendy bell or whistle. You can imagine a film studio where the producers know a project needs to be in IMAX 3D before they have a script.  The writers are inventing reasons for their characters to lunge toward the camera when they should be developing a plot.  Before you know it, the film isn’t interesting enough to fill a 60 second trailer. Graphic design can at times be no... More
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